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Temperature-vinyl-records-melt, i just recently moved to a new home, and i knew it was going to be hot. i was terrified that my vinyl collection could warp through the journey. after some research, this is what i found and what you can do to prevent warping. a typical vinyl record can start warping due to heat at a temperature of 140°f (60°c) and can melt at temperatures exceeding 212°f (100°c). other factors, such as .... Spice up your next party with some unique party dishes, and we're not talking about food here, we're talking about the actual dishes, specifically bowls. but not just any bowls, vinyl bowls, made from authentic vinyl records. the steps are simple: melt the vinyl record in the oven, then take it out and mold it (safely) into a plastic bowl., not sure what the melting point is but i am sure you could have melted them on my driveway this weekend..... heat index of 110 and it was still 99 degrees at 7:30 pm!!! we are not even into the dog days of august and i am already tired of the weather people here describing the mid 80's as a cold front!!!!!.

The digital cd was invented in the late 1960s by james t. russell. it took awhile, but the cd eventually replaced cassette tapes and vinyl records as the music medium of choice. if you've still got some vinyl records you don't want, instead of tossing them, melt them for arts projects., i recently saw a bowl made of melted and twisted old vinyl records. does anyone know the melting point of a vinyl record and the consistency it is when it melts? (eg does it drip or become soft and bendable etc.) what would be the ideal method of melting? lighter, stove oven etc..

How hot does it have to be for records to warp? it's reaching record breaking temperatures tomorrow and monday (let alone the rest of the summer) in la, hitting over 100 (high of 108 on monday potentially), what temp does vinyl start to warp? dj dac 4:52 pm - 29 april, 2011 hey guys, i have an outdoor gig in two weeks, its in the shade but its suppose to be in the upper 90s possibly 100's.