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Tretford-carpet-price, a unique, artisanal product built on expertise. step into a world of quality, vibrancy and distinction with tretford natural cord fiber commercial carpets. we have been producing tretford carpets in waterford, ireland for over 40 years.. Tretford carpet tiles – quality textile floor covering made from natural materials. for more than 50 years now, tretford is known for using high quality cashmere goat-hair for manufacturing their carpets. they are not only very sustainable but particularly they improve the atmospheric environment of any area or room with the help of their natural materials., tretford teppich mit kaschmir-ziegenhaar ist ein zeitloser boden für menschen, die nachwachsende materialien, schöne farben, komfort und qualität schätzen..

Tretford carpets are well known for their strength and longevity. contract usage natural fibrecord carpet has been trusted for use in universities, schools, hotels, offices and other high-traffic environments that demand a stylist designer product., jhs are the only uk distributor of tretford® carpets and eco carpet tiles and have our own dedicated website. visit for more information.. Tretford cord carpets and carpet tiles. whether you choose tretford® carpet roll, tretford® carpet tile or a combination of both, our contract cord carpet construction forms unique ribbing creating fabulously clean, elegant lines which establish a sense of order and structure in any room., mehr natur fürs wohnen ob bahnenware oder fliese – mit 80% kaschmir-ziegenhaar und 20% schurwolle ist tretford interland ein zeitloser teppich für menschen, die ....

Tretford carpet price reduction! gibbon group are very pleased to announce that due to restructuring in the manufacture of tretford, prices for tretford in both roll & tile have been significantly reduced! visit our website for more info:, tretford roll cord carpet (2 metre wide) creates exceptionally clean, elegant lines because of its unique construction using goat hair. tretford’s natural properties actively reduces airborne dust and allergens, promotes energy saving, and facilitates excellent indoor acoustics. tretford roll has a stunning 61 colour palette with exceptional soil hiding properties..

What we do. we have been producing tretford ® carpets in waterford, ireland for 50 years now, and we're very proud that our carpets adorn some of the most prestigious buildings and businesses in the world. our natural fiber carpets are made with the highest grade cashmere goat hair and available in 48 vibrant colors.