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Agriculture, food and the environment

Crop protection technology

Canada Sprayer Guide, located at, is an independent service is designed to provide the agricultural community with simple, fast and effective access to information on the latest developments in crop protection technology along with perspectives from the crop protection community.

It is geared towards producers, and those who serve producers, with a focus on providing common sense, realistic, business-oriented advice on this important area of agricultural production. The service also provides direct links to more in-depth information from technically competent sources.

Agriculture, food and the environment

Broader progress and perspective on agriculture, food and the environment is available at Meristem Land and Science, located at This independent service is designed to facilitate discussion on sustainability in those areas, with insight from top minds, innovators and others on the front-line of the latest developments.

Canada Sprayer Guide in focus

The broad goal of Canada Sprayer Guide is to support the sustainability of the agricultural industry through improved knowledge of sustainable crop production practices.

In our view, two factors have the most dramatic potential to improve sustainability in crop protection. One is new technology. The other is the people who use it. Canada Sprayer Guide is committed to supporting both.

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